Portuguese Civ Mod Public Beta 0.5 released!!!

Hey everyone once again!
After reciving crash reports, I and my team decided to research on what was causing the crashes, and, hopefully, we found it and now we release the third beta of PCM!

What has been changed:

  • Some crashing issues were fixed. Thanks to JuanPaWw, from AoKH, to reporting it, and to my loyal and discreet helper, to Wergorne, and to QtyaFiya for testing and giving feedback about that!
  • Fixed some little problems with strings. Thanks to John the Late, from AoKH, for reporting them!
  • Fixed problem with invisible scouts
  • Elite Berserks now die like they must die, and do not come back as Frankish Paladins (lol). Thanks to Vorx, from AoKH, for reporting it!
  • Pertesen AI (aka AoKTC default AI) was patched to play with the Portuguese Civ. This means that now Computer players can play the Portuguese Civ without the need of selecting a special AI. Thanks to 1415 for doing that!

As usual, you’ll be able to download PCM at the AoKH Blacksmith!

Thanks to all players, and to all contributors who made this mod possible!