Portuguese Civ Mod Public Beta 0.4 released!!!

Hey all!
Firstly, thanks for the more than 200 downloads at AoKH!!
Second, we have released the second public beta of PCM!

What has been changed:

  • PCM updated to UserPatch 1.4 (newer)
  • Night Arabia RM fixed
  • Some AI related fixes
  • Feudal Age graphics added for Iberian building set
  • Problems with Elephant Archer graphic were fixed. Thanks to Filipe Carapeto for reporting them!
  • Caravels can now transport units. Thanks to Filipe Carapeto for suggesting it!
  • History Section added for the Portuguese Civilization, although, there isn’t any text for now. But, I ensure that there’ll be text in the next version. Thanks to Filipe Carapeto for suggesting it!!
  • Arquebusiers moved from the Koreans to the Japanese. Thanks to Usac, from AoKH, for suggesting it!

As usual, you’ll be able to download PCM at the AoKH Blacksmith!

Thanks to all players, and to all contributors who made this mod possible!

-The Portuguese Civ Mod team