Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3 released!

Hey everyone!
After almost half year without updates, we have released PCM 1.3. While this is not PCM II, this is as important as, since this fixes many bugs and balance problems (over 50!) in PCM 1.x that went basically unoticed for more than one year and that were only uncovered during the development process of PCM II.

Among the fixed bugs or balance problems, it’s worth to mention that Jinete/Elite Jinete’s HP has been increased, Portuguese now get Parthian Tactics and Plate Barding Armor, Caravels now have an unload button (thanks to JustTesting1234, for providing some help), many wonder powers were changed and some (like Teutonic and Aztec) now are properly reverted.

The installer has been updated too: components now have a real description that is shown when you hover your mouse over them!

Also, PCM now uses its own Campaign path: this means that old campaigns won’t be overwritten anymore to enable those changes! (note: the 1.3 installer should revert changes done to the original campaign files. If it doesn’t, tell me!)

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and download it!

And thank you all for the 1400+ downloads! :D