The Portuguese Civ Mod is a little add-on mod, which adds one Portuguese Civ and also adds new gameplay features!

The Portuguese Civ Mod is brought to you by DSoftware, and was only possible thanks to the help of many contributors!

What’s new?

  • A new Portuguese civ is added with unique bonuses and features
  • Scout unit redesigned! Scouts cannot attack anymore, but they gain special abilities after researching a tech at the Castle!
  • Wonder powers were added! Now, when a wonder is built, something in the civ will be greatly improved, but this power is lost after the wonder is destroyed!
  • Support units added: Teaming with any civ will allow you to train the support unit of that civ, which will be available at the second page of buildings.
  • A new building: The Tavern, which can train mercenaries! Of course its usefulness will be extended later, but not for now…
  • Cartography is now totally free and automatic!
  • An Arquebuisier upgrade added to the Hand Cannoneer. Only available to Koreans, Portuguese, Spanish and Turks.
  • A new builder ship unit added that can build sea towers, walls and gates(which can be upgraded at University), thus, taking sea warfare to a new level!
  • At Imperial Age, each civ can now train a Hero in the Castle. This hero, that represents an important or a legendary person of the civilization, is very strong and can only be trained once!
  • A new architectural set is added to the Spanish and to the Portuguese!
  • A retouched El Cid campaign, for a little bit more historical accuracy

The Portuguese Civ


  • Starts with two scouts
  • Archers fire 20% faster
  • Arquebuisier upgrade free
  • Starting by Castle Age, Town Center costs -50% stone, +100 wood
  • Wonder: Belém Tower
  • Team Bonus: Warships created 15% faster

Unique Units:

  • Jinete: A javelin-throwing cavalry, good against other cavalry and very effective against camels.
  • Caravel: All-around ship armed with light cannons.

Tech tree (disabled technologies/units)

  • Barracks: Eagle Warrior
  • Archery Range: Parthian Tactics
  • Stable: Bloodlines, Camel, Hussar
  • Monastery: Sanctity, Atonement, Block Printing
  • Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager
  • Blacksmith: Plate Mail Armor, Plate Barding Armor, Bracer
  • University: Treadmill Crane, Keep, Siege Engineers
  • Mining Camp: Stone Shaft Mining
  • Mill: Crop Rotation
  • Dock: Shipwright

Unique Technology(ies):

  • Matchlock: Hand Canoneers fire faster and more accurately

Overview of the new Gameplay features

Redesigned Scout

As you might already know, scouts in the Portuguese Civ Mod have a reduced function. Now they really act as they should act: as scouts, only for scouting and exploring. Boring, don’t you think? But, it’s not only that: after researching the “Tatics” technology at the Castle, they become invisible in the minimap, and gain a special ability that varies according to the type of scout.

There are three scout types:

  • Military: After researching the “Tactics” technology, it gains the ability of Sabotage: it can kill a siege weapon or do a great damage in a building. This ability has a reload time of two minutes. Used in: Britons, Byzantines, Chinese, Franks, Japanese, Koreans, Persians, Portuguese, Saracens, Spanish, Teutons, Turks.
  • Raider: It gains the ability of Plundering after researching the “Tactics” technology: the scout becomes able to enslave enemy villagers and plunder enemy Town Centers, stealing the resources of a certain player. Used in: Celts, Goths, Huns, Mongols, Vikings.
  • Mesoamerican: It gains the ability of Sacrifice: eagle scouts become able to kill all units in a certain area. This ability has a reload time of three minutes. Used in: Aztecs, Maya.

WARNING: Thanks to AoK limitations, in order to use the abilities properly, the scout must be in no-attack stance.

Wonder Powers

Have you ever noticied how Wonders are useless, even at games with standard victory? Now they aren’t useless anymore! After building a Wonder, it enables a Wonder Power, which greatly improves your civilization!