• Usic, from AoCZone: Inspiration, and some ideas
  • DiGiT: For making his wonderful scenario editing tool, which has been ported and added into PCM.
  • GSC Game World: Since main menu tracks come from American Conquest: Fight Back
  • ryshep, from AoCZone: Feedback and for suggesting unique heroes per civ
  • Furik, from AoKH: For the Jinete and the Tavern graphics
  • AFFA the cleric, from AoKH: For the new knight and arquebuisier graphics
  • Kor, from AoKH: For his unit pack, where I took some units, and also, for allowing me to use his wooden bridges, his War Cog, his Genoese Church and the eyecandy graphics from Chivalry
  • Jan, from AoKH: For allowing me to complete his Iberian architectural set and for allowing me to use it in this Mod. And also some feedback, Iberian fortified wall graphics, for helping me in the Feudal Iberian houses and providing some eyecandy graphics
  • Dave3777, from AoKH: For the editor Spanish Swordsman, Gatekeeper and Raider graphics
  • Courtjester, from AoKH: For the Herreman, Ritterbruder, Lombard Infantry and Swiss Pikeman graphics
  • Agammemnon, from AoKH: For some AoK alpha graphics, and for the Waterfall and Baazar graphics
  • Taichi San, from AoKH: For some AoK alpha graphics, especially the ones which were used for the Feudal Iberian building set, and for allowing us to use her snow terrain
  • Panel, from AoKH: For the editor Moorish knight graphics
  • Monsterslayer, from AoKH: For making the Portuguese Wonder, Stradiot, Ninja, Imperial Iberian market graphics and some eyecandy graphics.
  • Xhip_, from the AI scripting community: For providing me Portuguese starting music and also some hero ideas
  • II2N, from the AI scripting community: For allowing us to patch and include his Barbarian AI
  • The_Offwo, from the AI scripting community: For allowing us to patch and include his Principality AI
  • A loyal and discreet helper: For helping me getting a custom .exe working for PCM, getting second page working for more buildings and increasing cheat amount of resources.
  • BoME Team: Since my Elephant Cannon was based on their Elephant Archer
  • Khan Ivayl, from AoKH: For the raider scout graphics, and Steppe Raider graphics
  • AnimalMan, from AoKH: Feedback, for helping me with many ideas and suggestions, for the tavern icon, and for the Flamethrower graphics
  • QtyaFiya, from GameRanger: Feedback, and for reporting some bugs, giving some suggestions, making Capture Point graphics, editing some taunts, fixing Mortar graphics, making some hero icons and making Medium Lancer graphics!
  • Jorgito_aqua27, from AoKH: For providing me many graphics!
  • fr steve, from AoKH: For providing me with Boyar, Fortified Sea Wall and Timariot graphics
  • korbalb, from AoKH: For the transparent fire
  • AoFE team: For the trade workshop graphics for the Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Mesoamerican building sets, slinger graphics, eyecandy graphics, Magyar Huszár graphics and Hunagrian voiceset
  • mehdan, from AoKH: For the Teppo graphics
  • Wergorne, from AoKH: Feedback, reporting bugs, making suggestions, and patching Barbarian and Pricipality AIs.
  • DJm, from AoKH: For the Lighthouse graphics
  • MTL_Flavius, from AoKH: Feedback, reporting bugs and making suggestions.
  • Mahazona, from AoKH: For providing me Mesoamerican scout, Atl-Atl, and 0.4+ Camel Archer graphics
  • Erechel, from AoKH: For 0.2c+ Jinete graphics
  • Churchil, from AoKH: For “original” Mortar graphics
  • BigD25, from AoKH: For the Highlander graphics
  • sanghwi, from AoKH: For the Hwacha graphics, that were taken from his Korean MOD pack
  • DonPisky, from AoKH: For providing Futcannon graphics
  • WAIFor, from AoKH: For his soccer ball slp
  • Age of Empires II Total War team: For the Iberian Castle graphics
  • John the Late, from AoKH: For fixing techtree and giving me instructions in how to add AI names for new civilizations
  • Bothorth, from AoKH: For making his ‘GoodKings’ fix, which fixes some of the glitched unit graphics from AoKTC, and which has been implemented in PCM.
  • TheReporter, from AoKH: For fixing the Mameluke graphics. His fix has been implemented in PCM.
  • ToME Team: For helping us to fix the path bug in the installer and for providing the snow wolf and conscript graphics.
  • Filipe Carapeto, a player who contacted us: For feedback, and reporting bugs, and for his suggestions.
  • JuanPaWw, from AoKH: For feedback, and reporting bugs.
  • NE team: For allowing us to use their polish voiceset
  • SpecialSoul, from AoKH: For fixing Atl-atl anchors!
  • Achesun, from AoKH: For making the 1.2+ Camel Archer, Sipahi and Rodelero graphics.
  • JustTesting1234, from AoKH: For putting the Tavern in the Tech Tree, helping me to give real strings to the new triggers and providing the code for the “String ID Fields” optional feature
  • Gonzales, one player who contacted us: For making some contributions to PCM
  • Rome At War Team: For making the aqueduct graphics which were used in PCM.
  • All Roads Lead to Rome Team: For making the aqueduct graphics which were used in PCM.

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