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Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3b released!

Hey everyone!
First of all, thank you all for the 1800+ PCM 1 downloads and the 300+ PCM II downloads! :D

And, I would like to tell you that PCM 1.3b, the first PCM 1 update made after PCM II’s release is out! This update is just meant to fix some PCM 1 bugs that have been found during the development of PCM 2.

Changelog (for reference purposes):

    • PCM has been updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newest)
    • Proper tavern graphics are now shown to all civs
    • The Lade AI, made by marathon, from AoKH, has been included among the optional AIs in the installer.
    • AoKTS now shows all of the new objects
    • Mortar anchors and player colours have been fixed! Thanks to Wergone, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • House placement on elevations has been fixed. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • A proper icon has been added to the Cobra Car and Capture point icon has been updated.
    • Parthian tactics now affect Steppe Raiders and Tatar Raiders. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • Some problems have been fixed in some of the Mangudai and Cavalry Archer frames. Thanks to Bala Arizalu for reporting and providing fixes for that!

Mayan archer cost bonus now affects mercenaries. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the download page and grab it!

PCM II: First public version is now available to download!

Hey all!

I think that many of you here knew that a second version of the Portuguese Civ mod was under development. So, after a good time of wait, we have finnaly released the first public version of PCM 2!
Well, without furter ado, you can grab it here! :D

Once again, this mod would not be possible without the help of our contributors, and, specially, without the help of the testers that have been recruited in AoKH, who helped us to balance and hunt bugs! :D

With love,
-The Portuguese Civ Mod (and PCM 2 too!) Team

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3a released!

Hey everyone!
After three months without updates, we have released 1.3a. This is not as big as the previous update. Instead, this is just a small patch to fix few balance and consistency problems and some spelling mistakes that were still present in 1.3.


  • Black Riders -3 cavalry armor, +70 gold cost. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for the suggestion!
  • Flamethrowers +5 attack vs. buildings. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for the suggestion!
    Cavalry Mercenaries have been disabled for Mesoamerican civs
  • Portuguese TCs now properly take 6 popcap, instead of 5, when destroyed or deleted.
  • Fixed Atl-Atl and Black Rider description. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
  • Fixed misspell in the Arquebusier upgrade tech (it was spelled as “Arquebuisier”).
  • Wonder Power is now properly displayed in the civ description of Goths, Japanese, Chinese, Byzantines, Spanish, Aztecs and Koreans
  • Portuguese Hero changed to Afonso I.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and download it! :D

And thank you all for the 1,600+ downloads! :D

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3 released!

Hey everyone!
After almost half year without updates, we have released PCM 1.3. While this is not PCM II, this is as important as, since this fixes many bugs and balance problems (over 50!) in PCM 1.x that went basically unoticed for more than one year and that were only uncovered during the development process of PCM II.

Among the fixed bugs or balance problems, it’s worth to mention that Jinete/Elite Jinete’s HP has been increased, Portuguese now get Parthian Tactics and Plate Barding Armor, Caravels now have an unload button (thanks to JustTesting1234, for providing some help), many wonder powers were changed and some (like Teutonic and Aztec) now are properly reverted.

The installer has been updated too: components now have a real description that is shown when you hover your mouse over them!

Also, PCM now uses its own Campaign path: this means that old campaigns won’t be overwritten anymore to enable those changes! (note: the 1.3 installer should revert changes done to the original campaign files. If it doesn’t, tell me!)

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and download it!

And thank you all for the 1400+ downloads! :D

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.2b released

Hey everyone!
After a long time without a single update, we have released PCM 1.2b . The main purpose of this update is to fix a bug that has been with PCM since the 1.0 version, in which the snow foundation terrain was shown as the new terrain used in the Christmas map. Thanks to our loyal and discreet helper, we have fixed it without affecting the Christmas map!

We have also updated the UserPatch version used in PCM to the latest one, which has a lot more features than the one used by PCM back then!

Changelog (for reference purposes):
• PCM updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newer)
• Snow foundation terrain has been reverted to the original one, without affecting
the Christmas Map. Thanks to my loyal and discreet helper for that!

What are you waiting for? Click here and download it!

And thank you all for the 1,000 downloads! :D

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.2a patch released!

Hey all,
We have found that there was one critical bug that was there since the first public version, but that went unoticed: if a wonder foundation got deleted or destroyed, the wonder power would be “reverted” before it would be applied. So, I decided to make a “hotfix” to fix that. If you have installed 1.2 already, you just need to click here and download the update, but, if you have not installed 1.2, you’ll have to head to the download page and download the full installer there.

Besides of fixing that, this patch also lowers the blast radius given by the British Wonder Power (it was still too high) and the “Arqueduct” misspell.

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.2 Released!

After a long time without one single update, I would like to announce that PCM 1.2 has been released! This just a patch to fix some 1.1 bugs and graphics.


  • PCM updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newer)
  • Little fix in the garrinsonable rowing boat, where it would become invisible after unloading. Thanks to QtyaFiya for reporting
  • Saladin hero dead unit was fixed
  • Blast radius given by the British Wonder Power was lowered
  • Proper strings have been given to the Spectator button and to the new triggers (thanks to JustTesting1234 from AoKH for helping in the triggers)
  • Tavern has been added to the Tech Tree. Thanks to JustTesting1234 from AoKH for that!
  • Many Eyecandy objects have been added! Thanks to Kor, Jan dc, monsterslayer and Agammemnon from AoKH
  • New graphics for the Camel Archer, and editor Spanish Swordsman (now named Rodelero) have been made! Thanks to Achesun from AoKH for that!
  • Timariot unit has been changed: it’s now named Sipahi, its main attack and bonus vs. cavalry have been lowered and a bonus vs. buildings has been added. And, it also has new graphics, thanks to Achesun from AoKH!
  • A new optional feature in the installer has been added to enable the String ID fields in the editor. Thanks to JustTesting1234 for providing the code for enabling them. Only check that option if you are an advanced user that know what it means.

What are you waiting for? Click here and download it!

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.0 Final Released – Christmas Special!!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, Merry Christmas! After almost one year of work (yes, this mod is older than you think!), we have finally released the final version of the Portuguese Civ Mod!

And, I would like to give a special attention to the biggest change made in this version: As a gift to all current and future players of PCM, I have made a Christmas-themed map! Yes, you heard it: a map that includes Christmas trees and even presents! You can see a mapshot of it here! (Thanks to Alexandra for the new snow terrain) I might do some sort of guide explaining how it works, but, all I’ll say for now is that the gifts are randomized and can include units or resources!

Other changes made:

  • PCM updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newer)
  • Some balance fixes were done in Support units. Thanks to Wergorne and John the Late, from AoKH, for helping!
  • A sheet with the stats of all units was added. Thanks to ryshep for suggesting that!
  • History text added, taken from Civilization Wiki (
  • Some Portuguese heroes (Afonso de Albuquerque, Afonso I e Pedro Álvares Cabral) were added to editor

As usual, you can download it here Enjoy! And, once again, Merry Christmas! This is my gift to you!

Portuguese Civ Mod 0.5 hotfix released

Hi guys,

We found some crashing problems in PCM 0.5 related to the Gothic civ. Since the fix was small, we decided to not release an installer, but, instead, release a hotfix. So, in order to download the hotfix, just click here.

To install it, just replace the .dat which is inside C:(Path to your AoKTC folder)GamesPortuguese CivData folder.

-The Portuguese Civ Mod Team