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Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3b released!

Hey everyone!
First of all, thank you all for the 1800+ PCM 1 downloads and the 300+ PCM II downloads! :D

And, I would like to tell you that PCM 1.3b, the first PCM 1 update made after PCM II’s release is out! This update is just meant to fix some PCM 1 bugs that have been found during the development of PCM 2.

Changelog (for reference purposes):

    • PCM has been updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newest)
    • Proper tavern graphics are now shown to all civs
    • The Lade AI, made by marathon, from AoKH, has been included among the optional AIs in the installer.
    • AoKTS now shows all of the new objects
    • Mortar anchors and player colours have been fixed! Thanks to Wergone, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • House placement on elevations has been fixed. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • A proper icon has been added to the Cobra Car and Capture point icon has been updated.
    • Parthian tactics now affect Steppe Raiders and Tatar Raiders. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
    • Some problems have been fixed in some of the Mangudai and Cavalry Archer frames. Thanks to Bala Arizalu for reporting and providing fixes for that!

Mayan archer cost bonus now affects mercenaries. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the download page and grab it!