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Portuguese Civ Mod 1.3a released!

Hey everyone!
After three months without updates, we have released 1.3a. This is not as big as the previous update. Instead, this is just a small patch to fix few balance and consistency problems and some spelling mistakes that were still present in 1.3.


  • Black Riders -3 cavalry armor, +70 gold cost. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for the suggestion!
  • Flamethrowers +5 attack vs. buildings. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for the suggestion!
    Cavalry Mercenaries have been disabled for Mesoamerican civs
  • Portuguese TCs now properly take 6 popcap, instead of 5, when destroyed or deleted.
  • Fixed Atl-Atl and Black Rider description. Thanks to Wergorne, from AoKH, for reporting!
  • Fixed misspell in the Arquebusier upgrade tech (it was spelled as “Arquebuisier”).
  • Wonder Power is now properly displayed in the civ description of Goths, Japanese, Chinese, Byzantines, Spanish, Aztecs and Koreans
  • Portuguese Hero changed to Afonso I.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and download it! :D

And thank you all for the 1,600+ downloads! :D