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Portuguese Civ Mod 1.2a patch released!

Hey all,
We have found that there was one critical bug that was there since the first public version, but that went unoticed: if a wonder foundation got deleted or destroyed, the wonder power would be “reverted” before it would be applied. So, I decided to make a “hotfix” to fix that. If you have installed 1.2 already, you just need to click here and download the update, but, if you have not installed 1.2, you’ll have to head to the download page and download the full installer there.

Besides of fixing that, this patch also lowers the blast radius given by the British Wonder Power (it was still too high) and the “Arqueduct” misspell.

Portuguese Civ Mod 1.2 Released!

After a long time without one single update, I would like to announce that PCM 1.2 has been released! This just a patch to fix some 1.1 bugs and graphics.


  • PCM updated to Userpatch 1.4 (newer)
  • Little fix in the garrinsonable rowing boat, where it would become invisible after unloading. Thanks to QtyaFiya for reporting
  • Saladin hero dead unit was fixed
  • Blast radius given by the British Wonder Power was lowered
  • Proper strings have been given to the Spectator button and to the new triggers (thanks to JustTesting1234 from AoKH for helping in the triggers)
  • Tavern has been added to the Tech Tree. Thanks to JustTesting1234 from AoKH for that!
  • Many Eyecandy objects have been added! Thanks to Kor, Jan dc, monsterslayer and Agammemnon from AoKH
  • New graphics for the Camel Archer, and editor Spanish Swordsman (now named Rodelero) have been made! Thanks to Achesun from AoKH for that!
  • Timariot unit has been changed: it’s now named Sipahi, its main attack and bonus vs. cavalry have been lowered and a bonus vs. buildings has been added. And, it also has new graphics, thanks to Achesun from AoKH!
  • A new optional feature in the installer has been added to enable the String ID fields in the editor. Thanks to JustTesting1234 for providing the code for enabling them. Only check that option if you are an advanced user that know what it means.

What are you waiting for? Click here and download it!